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What is Distility Branding?
Distility Branding is a Toronto-based brand identity, naming and design company with a twist. What’s the twist? In addition to our branding expertise, we’re also highly inventive technology freaks with a passion for thinking up new applications and systems for doing things better — a passion that led to the development of Distility 1day1brand and our proprietary naming software. I guess you could call us brand technologists, a unique label we’re happy to have slapped on our foreheads

How Distility 1day1brand Works
Distility uses a one-day workflow, with no prep work or home work. The output of the session is a ready-to-use primer on the brand, its promise, pillars, positioning and personality.

Branding Workflow

All stakeholders are gathered for the session under the guidance of a Distility coach, to encourage discussion and keep the team focused on best practices. Each team member can use a laptop or smartphone to anonymously enter ideas and submit votes. In addition, imagery presented on-screen during discussion aids participants in visualizing ideas as they explore brand facets.

As the team brainstorms, refines, defines and chooses imagery, the software identifies major differences of opinion and/or consensus in real-time, moving the process forward smoothly and rapidly. By the end of the Distility Day, the team has reached consensus on their brand promise, position, personality, and value proposition.

It took CEO Axle Davids eight years of research and development to create Distility 1day1brand. He designed it to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as marketing and communication consultancies that want to be more involved in brand development but don’t have the necessary in-house expertise. Distility’s breakthrough system has been employed by AT&T Mobility and AutoShare to radically accelerate their branding processes and produce powerful, authentic and easy-to-communicate results.

About Axle Davids
Axle Davids, founder of Distility Branding, is a visionary brand developer and pioneering brand technologist. In 2001, he established aXle Branding, which focused on branding and design for industry innovators. This venture has evolved into Distility Branding. Before starting aXle Branding, Davids was Creative Director at two of Canada’s top interactive agencies, where he oversaw more than 150 interactive design projects for high-profile brands including Lands’ End, Cosmopolitan, Disney and Apple.

Useful Quotes

“Branding is ill-defined, usually vacuous, often expensive and totally unpredictable.”
Seth Godin, Seth Godin’s Blog, November 14, 2004
“Branding” has taken on too much of a role as a specialized craft performed by voodoo artists.”
– Guy Kawasaki, Guy Kawasaki – An Interview, March 3rd, 2006
“Our approach brings brand development into the 21st century with a solution that is fast, collaborative, and authentic.
By employing cutting-edge collaborative decision support technology, we are able to streamline and accelerate the branding process.”
– Axle Davids, President, Distility Branding

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