Investment Supports Groundbreaking Technology That Makes Vehicles and Wind Turbines More Efficient

Inmotive is a Toronto-based engineering company and, like Distility, a tenant of the MaRS Incubator. They develop technology that makes devices with motors, engines or generators more efficient. For example, their Mechatronic Variable Speed Drive can reduce the electricity usage of fans or pumps by up to 70%.

Inmotive had identified the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) industry as their initial target market and sought investors to fund the commercialization of their product for this sector. However, the young company needed a strong brand position before they approached potential investors and customers. Inmotive received funding from MaRS to experience Distility 1day1brand so they could clarify their message and learn how to position themselves in the HVAC space.

“Prior to Distility 1day1brand, our brand was virtually nonexistent,” says Paul Bottero, CEO of Inmotive. “We had hoped to get an idea of who we are and how to best represent ourselves in the marketplace.”

Distility 1day1brand allowed the Inmotive team to create the new Mechatronic Variable Speed Drive brand category. This is the category they intend to dominate. The day not only resulted in a strong brand position, but also led to a brand personality and promise that resonates with their team, customers and stakeholders. By the end of the day, Inmotive had developed a clear message to take to potential funders and the heating, ventilating and air conditioning market.

Paul Bottero discusses his biggest surprise during Distility 1day1brand

“The workshop was a valuable experience that few people in my position have the luxury of doing – due to lack of time or access to similar programs that are funded through MaRS,” says Paul. “A forum like Distility’s is essential to get real value from this type of exploration. I’d recommended Distility 1day1brand to any company with the opportunity to attend.”

Shortly after the workshop, Inmotive received over $600,000 in angel funding. Major funders included Up Capital Ltd. and Valleydene Corporation. Proceeds from the investment will allow Inmotive to further develop their Mechatronic Variable Speed Drive technology.

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