Enhance your Distility 1day1brand results with Distility Industry Inputs.

Here’s how it works: Prior to your 1day1brand event, Distility will create a qualitative report to be integrated into the event and, later on, into your process for designing brand visuals.

Available only to purchasers of Distility 1day1brand, the Distility Industry Inputs report includes:

  • Top brand promises, benefits, categories and category positions in relevant niches
  • Visual systems in use, colours, imagery, fonts, wordmarks and taglines/slogans

A Richer Brand More Attuned with Your Market
Having Distility Industry Inputs pre-populated into your Distility 1day1brand enhances results, with a brand that’s more attuned to the market. This also allows “blue ocean” projects to be informed by disparate industries, adding even more richness and wisdom to your brand.

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