Brand Strategy Exercise with Participants in Workshop


To enable you to gain deep, consumer-driven insights into your brand experience, Distility Fanbrand brings together a select group from your community and explores how they perceive your current or next brand.

Led by Distility Brand Facilitators, Distility Fanbrand uses innovative decision support technology to bring you candid ideas, unfiltered feedback, and a brand built by your community.

Through Distility Fanbrand, we deliver:

  • The key attributes of your brand
  • The key benefits of your brand
  • The key points of difference of your brand
  • The perceived brand category of your brand
  • Top images and metaphors that reflect your brand
  • The essence/promise of your brand, including potential taglines
  • A five-minute video of each participant’s interpretation of your brand

Good to Know
To allow for the audience recruitment process, Distility Fanbrand must be scheduled at least eight weeks prior to your Distility 1day1brand event.