Don’t Be Mission Impossible

Distility Vision Mission Values Workshop

  • screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-2-25-54-amYour Vision Is Your Future
    When a vision statement is good, it helps a firm’s leaders make the right decisions over time. But too often, vision statements lack a meaningful goal. They are confused for mission statements. They are vague. Or worse, they lack perspective because they’ve been created in a vacuum.

    Your Vision. Your Way.
    We work with you to determine the type of vision statement you need, based on what works best for you and your team. Whether it’s a big hairy audacious goal, or a practical short-term goal, we’ve got the process to get it done right.

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    Mission Shows the Way
    When a mission statement is good, it helps a team live and breath the actions that will eventually achieve the goal. But too often, missions give bad direction or no direction. They’re diluted. Rhetoric for the sake of rhetoric. Or worse, they lack perspective because they’ve been created in a vacuum.

    Why Choose Distility
    Whether it’s a rallying cry, or a measuring stick for day-to-day ops, our facilitators unlock your mission statement fast – in as little as one executive meeting.

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    Values Are Your Compass
    When values are carefully defined and understood, everyone knows the right and wrong way to make day-to-day decisions. But too often, values provide no actionable guidance.

    Quality Values
    We won’t let you create bland, toothless or dishonest values. Whether it’s purpose driven beliefs. or a more traditional approach, we apply our expert facilitation and coaching abilities to stress test every idea, so your values are actionable – not laughable.

In Just 1 Day

We bring your key minds together for an interactive brainstorming event. The outcome is a vision, mission and values statement you can put to work immediately. Our patented workflow captures ideas freely, without the dangers of groupthink. Then we push your team to commit to the right ones by the end of the day. Here, you get a vision statement rooted in best practices – not BS.