CEO of Octane Medical Group Calls Distility Workshop, “The Best Branding Session I’ve Ever Attended”

Octane is a Kingston-based biotechnology firm that develops regenerative medical products. We had been running as Octane for three years and had developed a vision for our products,” says Timothy Smith, CEO of Octane. “We registered for the Distility Brand Strategy Workshop to go through a structured exercise that would help us decide on our brand direction”

Octane used the day to explore how relationships with their partners shape their brand. They also reevaluated how to position their products in the market and how to portray themselves to clients.

The Distility Brand Strategy Workshop also allowed Octane to develop core messaging for both their internal team-building and external marketing communications. They created a tagline that shows how they are different from their competitors.

“I was impressed with Distility’s process and how they applied it to our circumstances,” says Smith. “We’ve participated in similar sessions in the past, but this was head and shoulders above all of them. This was the best branding session I’ve ever attended – in terms of both the speed and precision. We didn’t waste a single word throughout the day.”