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Distility Transforming Toronto’s First Car Sharing Network

AutoShare is Toronto’s first car sharing network, and one of Distility’s first clients. AutoShare is dedicated to providing greater mobility and personal freedom to people living in Toronto, and to reducing carbon emissions and pollution through efficiency and choice. Of course, as with all pioneers, new competitors were sure to come on the scene. When it happened in 2002, AutoShare hired us to help reposition its brand to maintain market leadership.

“Distility helped transform our company from a little known start-up to a mature, established brand with over 10,000 members.”

Kevin McLaughlin – President, AutoShare

The first step was a 1day1brand Workshop, which gave way to fresh, innovative positioning and messaging for the AutoShare brand – just the experience it needed. Subsequent design work saw every buyer and customer touchpoint transformed to a new and improved brand style: logo, business systems, website, reservation system, subway, newspaper, magazine and online advertising, signage, customer guides, promotions – Distility designed just about everything. The new brand worked, helping to defeat the competition.

New Wordmark – 2002

Distility created a unique and powerful wordmark for AutoShare

When global competitor Zipcar entered the scene in 2006, AutoShare’s brand was ready, and has capitalized on Zipcar’s bigger marketing spend to continue to grow at a phenomenal rate, doubling in members every two years.

The AutoShare partnership has continued to rely on Distility’s expertise as a one-stop shop for creating, building, and sustaining a compelling masterbrand for AutoShare.

Public and Member Web Sites

Web design was part of Distility's service

Advertising & Marketing Signage

Distility created advertising and signage to support AutoShare's brand


Distility provided a complete design service for AutoShare