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AT&T Achieves Positioning, Identity and Design Breakthrough

is the largest wireless company in the United States. In 2006, AT&T Mobility realized that it’s recently launched LaptopConnect offer needed to play catch-up with Verizon who enjoyed a first mover technology advantage into the 3G space. AT&T knew it stood to lose market share if it didn’t act fast. It was Ericsson Global Consulting Services, a key AT&T Mobility Partner, that set the ball in motion, looking to us for a Distility 1day1brand Workshop. AT&T Mobility had found exactly what it needed: a reputable vendor that could not only generate fresh thinking among a cross-functional team of executives and product managers, but harness that knowledge and expertise to drive market leading positioning and messaging for LaptopConnect that the team, and the market, could believe in.

“A trusted vendor in our work with AT&T Mobility, Distility Branding’s agility and innovation have helped us achieve multiple positioning, identity and design breakthroughs. Highly recommended!”

Revital Marom – Ericsson Consumer Lab, Malmo Sweden

The collaboration has since spanned across projects for multiple B2B categories, new offers, sales tools, online and in-store promotional Flash movies, and much more. Distility has also lent its branding workflow expertise to develop the AT&T Mobility CIO Outreach Program, and an Industry Solutions renaming project.

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