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Applied Biosystems Builds Winning Product Brands With Distility

The Organization

Applied Biosystems makes the big machines that allow life scientists to peer into the details of DNA and proteins, and chart the future of medicine. Its customers include biotech and drug firms, as well as research institutes that study how drugs interact with the body’s systems and its genetic makeup. Applied Biosystems and its joint venture partner MDS Analytical Technologies were recognized as the leaders in Mass Spectronomy Hardware.

The Challenge

However, when it came to software, the company recognized that its reputation needed improvement. A massive investment was made in rebooting the firm’s software development methodologies, and AB Sciex began working with Distility in 2004 to upgrade the brand reputation and graphic design quality of its software. AB Sciex was searching for a branding partner to match its light, innovative, agile programming methodologies. Distility’s approach to team collaboration, fun, and efficiency was just the experience it needed.

“I’ve worked with Distility on numerous naming and brand positioning projects. Whether providing a brand positioning framework, or rapidly accelerating brand development through their one-day workshop, our teams have significantly benefited from their innovative approach to branding and the resulting, high-quality outcome.”

Maryann Bell, Director Brand Strategy, Applied Biosystems

Brand Identity, Naming, User Interface Design and Packaging

It was clear this was the right fit for AB Sciex, as Distility immediately grasped the essence of AB Sciex technology, and helped foster a collective spirit among diverse stakeholders from marketing and product development teams to building a cohesive, compelling brand identity. And that was just the first of many one-day branding workshops, each of which brings creative concepts to life and ultimately determines the core promise for new pieces of AB Sciex software.

The efforts of each workshop then set the tone for naming, user interface design and packaging. In early testing, scientists rated the graphic design higher than any other quality questions. And for AB Sciex, there has been no looking back as its award-winning software is now a solid competitive differentiator in the marketplace.


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